Thursday, 24 April 2014

So Ive started a blog ......

well hello and welcome to my first ever post !!

Intro first I suppose, My name is Jac, Im a self confessed Pinterest addict !!

I have a wee little one and I will refer to her as the pest for future reference as she is a pest !!

I have been fiddling and farting around with blogger for a while now and wanting to take part in all the challenges around, decided it WAS TIME !!

So I made the blog, that bit was easy.  Making a header !! well that took forever and a day and then when i finally found out how to put it on it was MASSIVE and in the corner ?? what the f&*k is that about ? so I went to my trusted friend Google :) and found this this is so idiot proof even i could follow it and bingo i have a header in the right place and size :)

then back to good ole google and found this so much information here, which then lead me to adding my first widget this was easy to do as well, just fill in your information and it adds it to your blog for you, I like things like this lol

I know my blog is empty at the mo, but I will get there and I will now start showing all the crafty bits I make, the good the bad and the ugly

I hope you come back and let me know how im doing, any comments good or bad I will take on the chin

Have a great evening

Jac x
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